Calling all ping pong kakis

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Calling all ping pong kakis

Post  Wencin on Thu Sep 02, 2010 2:26 am

Hi guys and girls,

I'm very enthusiastic to organize weekly ping pong sessions for anyone who knows/wants to learn ping pong. Never mind if you have never played it before, we can learn and pick up the skills or if you don't have extra ping pong bats/balls - I've a few extra. Razz

Anyway, if you're interested, ping pong sessions will be on either Saturday or Sunday from 9.30 am to around 12 pm. Venue is the table tennis courts in SRC (same as badminton). So, if you're interested, you can give me a call at 90594275 or drop a reply in this thread. Hope that can pull in more people this semester.

Thanks ya Very Happy

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