Useful Links for incoming Freshman

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Useful Links for incoming Freshman

Post  LegendLee on Mon Jun 21, 2010 5:26 pm

Here are the useful links for incoming freshman.

1) Ok, I've done my STPM/UEC/A-Levels/Polytechnique and now I would like to apply for NTU.
Where can I refer to?

Admissions to NTU

2) How much do I need to pay ?

Tuition Fees for 2010/2011

3) Are there Scholarships or any Financial Aid?

Yeap, there is a tuition grant which bonds you to the Singapore Government for 3 years.
Tuition Grant

There are also various scholarships which you can apply

4) Are there any loans which I can apply for?

Yes, there are a number of loans you can apply for.
Information regarding Tuition Fee Loans and other financial aids


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